Genetically engineered oilseed rape in Australia

Mode of escape: 
Feral populations

Genetically engineered oilseed rape has been cultivated in Western Australia since 2009. Western Australia is a so-called GMO free region, and the cultivation of transgenic crops is only possible as an exemption. Accordingly, herbicide tolerant oilseed rape is cultivated only in distinct areas. Nonetheless, there are first, non peer-reviewed reports of ruderal transgenic oilseed rape along roadsides in Western Australia. Tests undertaken by a nature conservation organisation revealed that more than 60 percent of samples taken in October 2012 contained transgenic constructs making the plants tolerant to glyphosate. According to the organisation, one of the main problems regarding genetically engineered crops in Australia is political negligence and an unwillingness to engage with the issue of their side effects. There is therefore no official monitoring programme or guidelines on how to manage ruderal transgenic populations.


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